Our partners

Our Rapid-Impact Approach

TentED enters into project-specific informal partnerships with community leaders, volunteer groups, and organizations operating on the ground, often working in areas underserved by larger, more established aid organizations. Through these collaborations, established during face-to-face meetings, we are able to fill gaps in our partners’ programming by rapidly funding urgently needed educational support. Our straightforward approach allows us to oversee spending on items like school supplies, school uniforms, and psychosocial staff at a school, achieving outsized impact with relatively small investments.

For two years, TentED has worked in the region, adjusting to the rapidly changing aid landscape amidst a burgeoning population of displaced Iraqis and (primarily) Syrian refugees. In that time, our focus has shifted away from independent initiatives. We realized that we could be most effective if we remained lean and nimble, and bolstered the work of strong partners with targeted infusions of funds.

“For urban refugee families, even a small challenge can close the door on educational opportunities. TentED provided help quickly where it was needed most.” Risa Nishimura, Project Manager, IVY

Danish Refugee Council: The DRC is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit organization that assists conflict-affected populations – refugees, internally displaced people, and host communities – in conflict areas worldwide. In May of 2015, TentED partnered with DRC to support and help launch an informal summer education program that served more than 100 boys and girls at Kawergosk Refugee Camp near Erbil, in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

International Volunteer Center of Yamagata (IVY): A Japanese organization promoting international understanding and environmental education through workshops and education initiatives, IVY’s mission in Erbil is to support the education of children displaced by conflict. IVY and TentED have collaborated on numerous projects since 2013, including the provision of essential school supplies and mandatory uniforms for young students.

Terre des Hommes Italy (TDH): TDH supports and implements humanitarian aid projects designed to improve living conditions for disadvantaged children, their families, and communities. TentED first partnered with TDH in June 2015 by providing rapid funding for urgently needed water-operated air conditioners at an informal summer education program in the town of Basima, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. TentED then supported a three-way program with TDH and World Orphans that provided educational and psychosocial support to more than 130 children in the remote district of Soran.

The Yazidi Project: A small-scale volunteer initiative that provides humanitarian and economic assistance to 16 displaced Yazidi families living in a temporary settlement in Erbil. In the summer of 2015, TentED worked with the project's founder, Jacomine Lemoine, to provide educational supplies and playground equipment for the children in the settlement.

World Orphans: Based in the U.S. World Orphans equips, inspires, and mobilizes people to care for orphans and vulnerable children. TentED first partnered with World Orphans and Terre des Hommes in September 2015 to support a joint program that provided educational and psychosocial support to more than 130 children in the remote district of Soran. Since then, TentED has built on that partnership by increasing funding to World Orphans so that it can provide quality education and psychosocial support for more students.