Q: How do you accomplish your mission?

Think of us as a small-scale funding platform that empowers effective community-based education programs in conflict-affected areas. We do not directly implement programs. Instead, we work with and through local implementing partners to achieve our mission: to advance education for children displaced by war.

Q: Do you build schools?

TentED does not build schools. Likewise, we do not directly design or implement programs, and we do not pursue infrastructure-related projects or large-scale initiatives. We primarily fund small-scale activities, addressing material shortages or programmatic gaps for local partner organizations. Projects can range from furnishing school desks and teaching aids to funding bus transport and staff salaries.

Q: How do you select your local partners?

Selection of local partners begins informally during frequent visits to the area. The first step is engagement. We meet with potential partners on site to explore the feasibility of working together. A shared commitment to educating both girls and boys, accountability, and transparency are essential. We do not partner with organizations that fail to live up to these principles.

If our organizations click, we then explore the feasibility of a proposed project. TentED weighs fundraising capacity, ability to monitor and evaluate the project effectively, location, and the population being supported. Open to funding projects that make education possible for children of all races and religions in the region, we pay particular attention to projects that support education for girls and for vulnerable minority communities.

Q: What percentage of your contributions are spent on administrative costs?

Between 8 and 10% of donations are used to cover the costs of expenses that include monthly charges for a donation payment system and wiring fees. Otherwise, as an all-volunteer run organization, expenses are minimal.

Q: How do you ensure funds are being used properly by your local partners?

Accountability, transparency, and diligent stewardship of donor dollars are our highest priority. TentED has a series of rigorous accountability procedures in place to ensure that we thoroughly vet and evaluate the initiatives we support. This includes due-diligence research, in-person site visits, photographs, videos, partner reports, receipts, testimonies, and the use of reliable banking systems or other regulated financial channels for transferring funds.